What is OrderBee's QR ticket system?

What is OrderBee's QR ticket system?

OrderBee’s paper slip system will improve the efficiency and quality of the service you can provide while saving your time and reducing your labor costs.

Our system removes the need to record any personal information, to yell into a crowd looking for a customer, or to have people stand in line. By automating the laborious parts of the customer notification process, your staff has more time to focus on making real connections with your customers. These conversations can help improve customers’ image of your business and your service reputation.

Our paper slip system is also easier to set up than teaching staff how to use a complicated app system where they have to record information, which costs valuable time. The overall increased efficiency of this system can help save you time, money, and energy while increasing the positive view of your business.

By automating the customer calling, our paper slip system reduces customer confusion. The paper slip system removes the need for long lines and crowds and allows customers to go support other vendors or sellers at a large venue while they wait for their order.

Additionally, our analytics allow you to better understand your business workflow by tracking average wait times and related data. Our tickets are incredibly adaptable to meet the needs and desires of your business, as well.

How it works

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