How to Maximize Your Business at Outdoor Events & Festivals

Handling large capacities of customers at big music festivals, outdoor events, or large venues can be hard. OrderBee offers an affordable and innovative way to increase your workflow & turn a higher profit.

How to Maximize Your Business at Outdoor Events & Festivals
Photo by Lukas Eggers / Unsplash

Large, outdoor venues with tons of people are great opportunities for your business to shine. Whether you are a food truck serving hamburgers or a lemonade stand making smoothies, customers at big events want your food.

But, any business owner knows the struggles of handling large amounts of orders with these big crowds. Yelling order numbers or names doesn’t work when many people are waiting. People lose their receipts. You mishear their name and yell something incorrect. Crowds walk by making it impossible to hear. People pick up the wrong order, and someone gets missed entirely.  Oddly, the event industry hasn’t updated its customer notification systems, despite the obvious bottlenecks caused by the current methods being used.

Yet, there’s a new solution making waves in the world of paging systems. To let a customer know their order is ready, a new system utilizes QR codes printed on paper slips.

OrderBee, the paper slip system, is affordable and intuitive. It’s effective and efficient due to its simplicity.  OrderBee might work great for you if you’re serving:

  • at a music festival
  • at a city or holiday festival
  • at a large outdoor venue
  • at a marathon or other type of a running competition

So what exactly is OrderBee?


OrderBee is a paper slip system used to notify customers when their order is ready. Each paper slip has two halves: one for you, and one for the customer. Each half of the slip has a QR code, which is used to connect you to your customer.

To use OrderBee, after a customer places their order, simply hand them half of the QR code slip by tearing it apart. When their order is ready, scan your half of the QR code slip. This immediately updates the order status for the customer, letting them know their order is ready in a web browser or free smartphone application. The customer can check their order status at any time by scanning their half of the QR code slip.

Customers at large outdoor venues will be able to roam and wander around to different vendors or activities while waiting for their orders. This way, they don’t have to crowd around your service station, making it impossible for new customers to see your business or deterring them with long lines.

Your customers are able to enjoy the event they’re at, and can even shop at other businesses, while they wait for their order. If their food will be ready in 10 minutes, your customers can enjoy more songs at the concert. They can check out another vendor. They can enjoy whatever celebration is happening further, allowing you to serve as many happy customers as possible. This reduces the boredom of waiting in line because your customers are essentially “waiting without waiting.”

Additionally, customer satisfaction will greatly improve as they can spend time enjoying the event and focusing on what’s most important. The reputation of your business as fast, efficient, modern, and advanced will improve your customer retention and name recognition from event to event. What’s more, you’ll be able to improve customer turnover because of your smooth and fast workflow. This way, you’ll be serving more customers, and making them happier with your service in the process.

An Update to the Industry

Over the years, many of the processes at large outdoor venues and events have been updated. Ticketing and registration are usually done via a mobile smartphone. Even making purchases with ApplePay and contactless cards has become incredibly commonplace. The proliferation of smartphones has innovated nearly every part of big outdoor events– just take a look at how many people are waving their phones in the air, taking videos.

Despite this progression, businesses are struggling to keep up with the times. Many food trucks and stands place completed orders on their windowsill, letting anybody come by and scoop them up. If your business has been struggling with missed, forgotten, or incorrectly-given orders, OrderBee could be just the update you need. The system diminishes the problems most food trucks have had with customer notification in the past.

OrderBee is innovative in that anyone can understand how to use it, and uses technology that everyone already has (the smartphone). Because of the easy setup and improved workflow, it can save you time, energy, and effort in labor costs and training. The paper slips are also cheaper and have less liability than restaurant pagers. And, because of their data analytics and POS integration abilities, OrderBee can really level up your service times and business functionality.

To learn more about OrderBee, visit our website here.