7 Reasons Why A Digital Queue is Way Better Than Using Restaurant Pagers and Buzzers

Restaurants need a new way to communicate with customers. A new notification system solves the problems associated with outdated pager technology.

7 Reasons Why A Digital Queue is Way Better Than Using Restaurant Pagers and Buzzers
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Most restaurants, food stands, and food trucks use old-fashioned pagers, beepers, and buzzers to let their customers know that their table or order is ready. This system usually involves giving the customer a numbered pager, registering it in the POS, and using a special technological program to alert the customer to return.

Guest pagers have been the primary way food services venues notify customers that their order is ready. Some food venues even resort to yelling and shouting order numbers into a crowd to call their customers back. These methods create more work and confusion for the staff, disrupting a smooth and efficient workflow. In the era of COVID, these methods also fail to ensure or encourage social distancing regulations.

If you’re a restaurant manager or run any business that needs to notify customers, read on to find out how using digital queue technology will improve your workflow and leave your customers feeling satisfied.

1. Pagers are expensive.

Traditional restaurant pagers can be pricey. Customers are able to break, lose, or harm the functionality of pagers while in their possession. Even just 20 electronic pagers can be over $1,000 (and most restaurants or businesses require more than 20). Having to update these pagers every few years is an unnecessary recurring business expense.

OrderBee’s Paper Slips are an affordable business solution that does not require expensive technological purchases. Customers use their smartphones to scan a QR code ticket on a small piece of paper. This QR code opens up a browser that lets them know if their order is ready, or still being prepared. The only purchase necessary from a business standpoint is the OrderBee paper slips.

2. Long lines make unhappy customers.

When a customer orders from your food truck or stand, they often want to explore other attractions at the venue close by, maybe even spending money at nearby businesses.

OrderBee’s Paper Slip system allows customers to go wherever they’d like while waiting for their order. It also allows your business to reduce crowding and long lines, attracting more potential customers!

3. Pagers must be continually cleaned and disinfected.

In the era of COVID-19, pagers require tedious disinfection, cleaning, and reuse. This can cost labor time, money, and unnecessary effort from your staff.

OrderBee’s paper slip system is single-use, producing minimal waste and requiring no additional cleaning. Customers simply throw away or recycle their paper slip after they’ve scanned it and picked up their order.

4. Buzzers hurt customer service.

Customer satisfaction will increase without the presence of long lines and wait times, as they can move freely until it is time for them to return. Staff is able to focus more on making genuine connections with their customers, improving their level of service.

5. Pagers provide no statistics or data on the workflow of your business.

What if your customer notification system encouraged you to improve your level of service? OrderBee’s system allows you to track important data, like your average customer wait time. Restaurant pagers are usually unable to track and display critical workflow statistics.

6. OrderBee can save you time and money by reducing your labor costs.

Restaurant buzzers require time for setup, training, and disinfecting. Pagers also usually require battery replacement or charging for several hours a day.

Your business can reduce costs by trying OrderBee’s paper slip system, which uses easy-to-understand QR codes and the smartphones you already have to notify customers.

How OrderBee works

7. Pagers Distract from Building Positive Customer Relationships.

Using the “shout” method, or asking customers to stand and wait in a big crowd, generates boredom, anxiety, and impatience from customers. It can create confusion and a negative reputation for your brand.

OrderBee is advanced, yet incredibly simple. Customers will immediately understand how to use their QR code ticket to check their order status on their smartphone. Restaurant employees can immediately update order status without even pressing any buttons. This simplification takes the stress away from the pager process, so your business can focus on more important things. You can even customize OrderBee to fit the branding and existing workflow of your business.

Try Something New

Today’s modern diners are looking for fresh solutions to the long-line problem. Customers use their phones for most things– for their event tickets, their reservations, and sometimes even to order. OrderBee’s Paper Slips are a restaurant buzzer alternative that solves many of the problems outdated restaurant technologies seem to cause. To learn more about OrderBee, the restaurant pager alternative, visit our website.