Busy Restaurants Finally Have an Alternative to Outdated Pager Systems

Managing and seating tables are incredibly important to the profitability of any restaurant. Maximizing seated table potential can be a tricky process to manage, but a new paper slip system that uses QR code slips shows promise.

Busy Restaurants Finally Have an Alternative to Outdated Pager Systems
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Picture this:
It’s a Friday night, and every family in town is headed to your restaurant to celebrate the week’s end. How will you handle the pressure? Is your business prepared? 

Any restaurant owner knows that a major key to turning a profit is determining the perfect formula for seating tables. How many tables you have, the amount of staff on hand, the nightly demand, and the rate of turnover are all key ingredients in calculating the best system for your business. On particularly busy nights, managing all of these factors can be incredibly difficult. Customers never want to wait around for a table, and the longer they wait, the lower their satisfaction– and the higher their expectations for the experience.  What if there was a system that could help you keep customers happy, while easily managing your table waitlist?

Faulty Buzzers and Bad Systems
Most restaurant owners turn to pagers to achieve this task. Traditional restaurant buzzers and pagers have been used for years to manage table waitlists, but have barely improved since their original invention. Pagers have gone extinct in nearly every context, besides the restaurant industry. That’s because they’re expensive, frustrating to charge, easily lost, and prone to error. Any manager knows the immense cost associated with replacing lost, broken, and stolen restaurant buzzers.

Customers are also hindered by the restaurant buzzer system. While they wait for their table to be ready, they must stay in the range of the system. This means they cannot travel anywhere before their table is vacant and prepared for them. If your wait is upwards of 40 minutes, this can be incredibly frustrating for the customer. Perhaps they’d like to run to the store or visit a nearby business while waiting for their table to help the time pass faster.

Some restaurants even use handwritten lists. Hostess staff are responsible for recording names, the number of people in the party, and sometimes even the phone number of the party. These lists make it super hard to predict an accurate wait time for the next available table. If there are errors in the handwritten list, parties may get missed, leaving them disgruntled and disappointed. This kind of callback and customer notification system is cumbersome and costly, as it risks a bad review for your business.

Some restaurants, feeling as though they have no option, resort to declining walk-ins altogether.

A New, Simple, Modern Alternative

Rather than declining walk-ins, using faulty pagers, or creating handwritten lists that staff have to manage and yell, OrderBee’s paper slip system provides an alternative. A new system uses incredibly simple paper slips and no additional technology to let customers know when their table is ready. With limitless capacity, an affordable price point, and a simple setup, OrderBee’s paper slips solve many of the problems caused by outdated waitlist management systems.

How It Works
When a customer comes to your restaurant and there are no tables available for them, simply tear the paper slip and give them their portion. The smaller top portion of each ticket is yours to keep until you are ready to call the customer.

The customer can take their slip where ever they’d like to go while they wait for their table. To know when it’s ready, the customer simply scans the QR code with their smartphone to check the table status.

To change the status of the table, your staff scans the QR code on the other portion of the paper slip with their smartphone. This automatically updates the customer’s table status to “ready,” without having to press any buttons. The customer with the corresponding QR code will then be able to see that their table is ready, and it’s time to return.

No app download, dialing numbers, or yelling names are needed!
OrderBee’s system, after using it for a data-gathering time period, will be able to show you data about your average wait times. This can help inform customers with greater accuracy how long they will be waiting to be seated. OrderBee is also easily integrated with your point of sales system, should you include to further incorporate the paper slip system into your workflow.

How OrderBee works

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